Postmodern Cocktail Experience @ The Roosevelt 2.0 (10.13.11)

This Thursday, October 13, 2011, check out the Postmodern Cocktail Experience from our friends at the Philanthropic Young Tampa Bay (PYT) at the historic Roosevelt 2.0 located at 1812 North 15th Street in Tampa, Florida.

Guests will be treated to an open bar consisting of a groundbreaking molecular mixology menu that includes examples of spherification, solidification and classic cocktails on themes of fire and ice. Performances will take place by the bizarre musical talents of Cephia's Treat. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 day of and $10 for PYT members. Event proceeds will benefit the Fall project of PYT: sponsoring the Florida Orchestra's December 2 concert to provide FREE orchestra tickets to Bay Area young professionals.

Tickets are available online at

Square One Spotlights: Nicolas G. Janovsky, author

SQUARE ONE Spotlights: Nicolas G. Janovsky, author

SQUARE ONE chose to highlight author Nicolas G. Janovsky for this month's spotlight edition. Nicolas is a first-time author whose debut non-fiction book, titled Gay: A New Path Forward, is being released on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with an Official Book Release Party at Collage Ybor in Tampa, Florida on the same evening. I sat down with Nick recently for a lil' Q&A.

Okesene Tilo: Hello Nick. Thank you for taking time to sit down with me for this month's Square One Spotlight. Could you describe your book Gay: A New Path Forward and the reasons why you wrote it?

Nicolas Janovsky: My goal is to enlighten non-Gays by offering them ways to talk to and about Gays in their lives. Through this I aim to put an end to the stereotyping that plagues everyday language and society and that sets Gays apart from the rest of humanity. Also creating better family and working environments for Gays. If society could talk about Gays the way they talk about race, non-Gays would soon discover that their Gay friends and family members were just like them. If we can achieve this I believe all individuals would be noted as different in the same manner that people are short, tall, white, black, smart but not otherwise different just because of their sexuality.

OT: What qualifies you as an author to write a book on gay life?

NJ: From the time I was in elementary school I knew that I was Gay. In living with this knowledge my whole life I have worked for years to organize my words and thoughts into a book that could explain to my friends, coworkers and peers that being Gay isn’t a choice. Further I sought the counsel of those whom I speak about and gained their perspective and insight.

From my own wealth of experiences and successes combined with the insight and unique experiences of close friends from their educational achievements, professional advancement and family dynamics. Their life stories combined with my ideas, thoughts, gradients and systems allowed me to create a whole and complete project.

OT: With the book being 104+ pages, do you ever feel that the book could've been and/or should've been longer to fully express your view?

NJ: Well actually the book is published as 132 pages. There is a plethora of information, details, new knowledge and real life experiences within these 132 pages. I wanted my book to be direct, concise and not watered down with frivolous writings.

As one reviewer stated: “I am also amazed that Janovsky was able to put so much information into just over 100 pages. But those hundred pages can make a big difference in many lives. There is a section on gay terms or a gay glossary and I learned something here myself—I know what a squirrel was but its meaning has changed and I have never heard of Gay Death being at age 30 but I guess we are never too old to learn.”

OT: Do you think having the word "Gay" in big, bold red letters will distract any of your target audience from purchasing the book or reading it in public?

NJ: I was quite nervous about this and I have an introductory paragraph on this. I had a deep-rooted feeling of nervousness that those close to me may shy away from the book because the title turned them off. Further people may be nervous about reading the book or carrying it around in public with big red letters screaming GAY! I knew if I gave into this I would be surrendering to all that which I wish to eradicate from society though this text.

OT: It's inevitable for the topics that your book covers NOT to receive nay saying from other groups who do not agree with your views, what do you say to those groups? How are you hoping to persuade them to your side?

NJ: By giving insight to my life, using practical language, going step by step through gay life, gay culture, family relationships, professional ways of existence, confronting stereotypes, giving supporting verbiage from others, their unique experiences and comparing each of these with supporting information the readers can choose to work for a more equal and accepting society. It is my sincerest hope they do.

OT: So now that you've wrapped up your first book and with your book release party and book release date just a mere days away, what's next on your goals for the end of this year and next year?

NJ: Complete the Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60-mile walk for breast cancer for my third consecutive & final year, continue volunteering for causes near to my heart, complete numerous speaking and book signing events to spread the knowledge within my book far and wide while working to gain better acceptance for all in society by activism and using my voice.

Gay: A New Path Forward will be released on October 16, 2011 on and Barnes &, and eBook compatible for Kindle.

The official book release party with author signing & a performance by Jeremy Gloff will take place at Collage Ybor located at 1701 East 8th Avenue in Tampa, Florida starting at 5:30pm.

Gay: A New Path Forward
Author: Nicolas G. Janovsky
Publisher: WingSpan Press (September 12, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1595944540
ISBN-13: 978-1595944542

Please visit for more information.

COSMOPOLITAN by Colleen Gorlewski & Chris Zenger

The official COSMOPOLITAN Promo has arrived courtesy of photographer Colleen Gorlewski and graphic designer/artist Chris Zenger. The theme of this Square One Fall Event will revolve around an international, world-traveling theme. Chris has designed 7 out of the 8 Square One Creative Event Promos and has had three of his photos/work used as the promo pieces [La Di Da (Spring 2009), Camille Leone (Spring 2010), Man On The Moon (Spring 2011)]. This is Colleen Gorlewski's first photo used for a Square One promotional piece. Her most recent photo was used as the cover of Jeremy Gloff's most recent album, This.

Special thanks to Colleen, Chris, make-up artist J.ALFONSO and model Katrina for the wonderful piece!