Jose Renteria's ANTHOLOGY Exhibit Opening Reception 9/22/2010

Artist / Fashion Designer / Graphic Artist / Photorapher / Make-up Artist... Is there one thing that Jose Renteria hasn't done? The answer is YES. Jose has never produced a solo-exhibit showcase for his artwork until Wednesday, September 22, 2010. On that day, Square One hosted the opening reception for ANTHOLOGY, a collection by Jose Renteria at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Tampa, Florida.

For those that missed the party, Jose's work will be showcased at Tre Amici until mid-October where it available for purchase. Here are some photos from Jose's ANTHOLOGY opening reception:

Jose Renteria with Square One's Okesene Tilo

with fashion designer & artist Melissa Oraath

with make-up genius Mark "Hero" de los Reyes

SQUARE ONE Spotlights: Jose Renteria, artist

SQUARE ONE Spotlights: Jose Renteria, artist

Photo by Kyle Lambert

For this month's spotlight, SQUARE ONE chose Jose Renteria who will be showcasing his collection at ANTHOLOGY, his very first artist solo-exhibit on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City. Jose is the second artist since photographer Ryan Prado to receive a solo-exhibit event sponsorship from SQUARE ONE. Okesene Tilo recently sat down with Jose for a Q&A for this month's Spotlight.

OKIE TILO: Hey there Jose! First off, congratulations on your upcoming ANTHOLOGY exhibit. To familiarize yourself with those unfamiliar with your collection of work, what type of artist would you describe yourself as?

JOSE RENTERIA: I would describe myself as a multi-faceted artist in the fact that I work not only with acrylics, but also with makeup and graphic design. These are three very different yet similar art forms.

TILO: Do you feel there is one medium that you are strongest?

RENTERIA: I have always been more drawn to acrylics. I like that they are easy to work with and allow me to use them however I want.

TILO: This is your very first solo exhibit, why did you feel now was the time to have one?

RENTERIA: Yes it is! I am completely excited about it. The idea came up when several of my friends asked me when I was going to have a solo exhibit. They said people needed to see my work and that it should not be shoved under my couch, so I decided that it was time to do just that.

TILO: Who or what are you artistic inspirations?

RENTERIA: I am inspired by my mood and what ever part of life I am going through. My work definitely reflects that. There are some pieces that are dark, some are full of fire, and others are calm, some are even comedic.

TILO: What local artists do you admire?

RENTERIA: Ryan Prado would be one of the local artists that I find fascinating. His work is awesome and it amazes me how he can take something so simple and make it brilliant. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions and the creative chemistry was ridiculous. I also love the work of Mark De Los Reyes. Even though he is not your typical artist, he does magic with makeup brushes.

TILO: Do you feel the local art community is thriving and growing?

RENTERIA: I feel that the local art community if finally flourishing the way it should be. I believe that everyone has the ability to be artistic and events such as the ones sponsored by Square One are allowing people to do that. New artists are emerging, seasoned artists are getting back into the game and allowing the community to experience different generations of art.

TILO: What are some of your favorite local events that you look forward to?

RENTERIA: Of course the Square One events in spring and fall. I have been fortunate to be part of these events and I am thankful that because of Square One's GO! event in 2008, I was able to reimurse myself into art.

TILO: You are also an integral part of producing the annual events that benefit the MAC AIDS Fund, can you tell me more about this year's event?

RENTERIA: Yes. I have worked for MAC Cosmetics for 5 years now, and the MAC AIDS Fund is the heart and soul of each artist. I am glad to be a part of this event. This year we are establishing the Black & White Ball, a fashion forward evening full of glamour, entertainment, cocktails, fun and of course, fabulous makeup. We are fortunate to have The Honey Pot host our event again this year and are very thankful to them for their generous hospitality. The theme is of course black and white. I guess, you'll just have to attend to find out more.

TILO: Anything else you wish to share?

RENTERIA: I am really glad to be able to share my work and essentially moments of my life with my friends, family, and the community. I am also excited about Square One's BERLIN show on November 13 and The Black & White Ball in December. This fall and winter of 2010 are going to be spectacular.

a collection by Jose Renteria

Opening Reception Party
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
6pm to 9pm

Tre Amici @ The Bunker
1907 N 19th St
Tampa, FL 33605