The KANVAS... This Thursday 6/24

SQUARE ONE is very excited about VYB Dance Company's upcoming choreography showcase called THE KANVAS which takes place on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at The RITZ Ybor. If any readers witnessed the magical dance numbers and performances that took place at the spring Square One event, CAMILLE LEONE, then that is just a small tasting of what to expect at their seasonal KANVAS showcase. VYB Dance first wowed the packed house with their eye-popping opening "Bad Romance" number, and then nearly stole the CAMILLE LEONE show with their 12-minute performance of non-stop energy and talent to a medley of Michael Jackson, Janet and Britney Spears.

The man with the plan: Demario Henry

VYB (Voice Your Body) is a collective of the most amazing dancers in the Tampa Bay area who teach weekly classes, perform at various special events in the area and are strong advocates of supporting the community through the arts. Founded and led by the wonderful choreographer / dancer / model / creative genius Demario Henry, VYB hosts these KANVAS events to showcase local talent not just in the area but in Florida. B-boys, b-girls, dancers and entertainers from all over the state come together for one night and for the sole reason to just dance.

Dreama Davidson

VYB is also comprised of the very lovely Dreama Davidson, Limbert Capellan and Romeul Lariosa. VYB not only performed at SQUARE ONE's Camille Leone event, but will also perform at SQUARE ONE's November 13 event at The RITZ Ybor... so save the date!

I am also personally stoked to see Annie DeVaux's latest routine in the air. I couldn't take my eyes off of her performance with Bella Danza at CAMILLE LEONE.

Annie DeVaux

Tickets for KANVAS are $10 online or $12 at the door. KANVAS DVD's are for sale at $25 which includes one free ticket to the show. There will be a FREE Urban Art Expo with live music from 7pm to 9pm. Showtime on the main ballroom stage starts at 9pm promptly so do not be late.

Tickets can be purchased online at OR Be sure to add VYB DANCE on Facebook by clicking here.

CAMILLE LEONE Thank You's & November 13th

We at SQUARE ONE are readying ourselves for the annual fall SQUARE ONE Creative Event at The RITZ Ybor. The event will take place onSaturday, November 13, 2010 so please be sure to mark your calendars and save the date.

Okesene Tilo with the Bella Danza cast at Square One's Camille Leone event
Saturday, April 17, 2010 at The RITZ Ybor

Bella Danza's The Bussle Keeper Show
Artistic Director & Choreographer: Maria Capitano Pardo

A huge THANK YOU to all of the artists, performers and attendees at Square One's annual spring 2010 event called CAMILLE LEONE. The event took place on April 17 at The RITZ Ybor and saw over 1,700 individuals in attendance.

SPECIAL THANKS to the wonderful staff at The RITZ Ybor, Radiant, Square One NY, OMG! Magazine, Bella Danza, Mathieu Stanoch of Gallery Live, Flip Flop Productions, VYB Dance Company, ESI, GaYbor and MyQmunity.

Set Design by Mathieu Stanoch of Gallery Live

Demario Henry & Annie DeVaux's "Bad Romance" opened the show

Mark Bias from GaYBOR & resident SQUARE ONE artist jeff cinco.

Fashion Show Debut featuring the designs of Lauren Kroeger

J-Pop's virgin performance wowed the crowds

VYB Dance Company blew everyone in the audience away.
Check out their choreography showcase, THE KANVAS on Thursday, 7/24 at The RITZ Ybor in Tampa, FL

Stylist Coordinator: Michelle Loucks

The Annual Fall 2010 SQUARE ONE Creative Event will take place on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at The RITZ Ybor. Tentatively titled Project: Purple until the event name is officially revealed, here is a photo hint of the show's name and theme:

Still lost and confused?... STAY TUNED! The first round of Call to Artists and Performer Booking will take place this summer.