A.M.F. HAIR SHOW 2009 & ABSTRACT After Party

Tampa, FL (April 19th, 2009) – The 2nd Annual A.M.F. Hair Show 2009 will take place on Sunday, April 19th, 2009 at The RITZ Ybor located at 1503 East 7th Avenue in Tampa, Florida. A.M.F. stands for Always Moving Forward and is being presented by the Bentley Salon of Tampa and the B-Concept Artistic Team. The B-Concept Artistic Team is a collective solely seeking to help educate other fellow hairdressers.

The A.M.F. Hair Show 2009 is the largest independent hair show in Tampa and on the West Coast of Florida. It is an educational forum open to licensed professionals and cosmetology students only. Tickets are $25.00 for students, $35.00 for licensed professionals, $50.00 for V.I.P. seating and are available at www.bentleysalontampa.com/tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the day of the show for an additional $5.00. A.M.F. starts at 4pm and will last until 7pm. Doors open at 3pm.

An after party called Abstract, sponsored by Square One Creative and REAX Music Magazine will immediately follow at 7pm. Abstract will feature live performances by StereoPUSH, Jeremy Gloff, DJ Mane and DJ Twist. Abstract is open to the public aged 18 and older, and is FREE to attend.

Scott Bentley is the owner and creative director of the Bentley Salon and the creator of the annual A.M.F. Hair Show. Scott has traveled nationally as a platform hairstylist and artists helping to educate other hairdressers in various education seminar hairdressers in various education seminars. The Bentley Salon is located at 3228 West Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.

Scott Bentley Q&A: A.M.F. Hair Show 2009

by Okesene Tilo
On April 19th, 2009, the Bentley Salon and B-Concept Artistic Team will be hosting the 2nd Annual A.M.F. Hair Show, which is the largest independent education hair show in the Tampa Bay Area and the West Coast of Florida. The A.M.F. Show is open to hairdressers and students only, but the Square One & REAX sponsored after party directly following will be free and open to the general public.

I recently sat down with and interviewed Scott Bentley, owner of the Bentley Salon located at 3228 West Kennedy Boulevard in South Tampa and creative director of the B-Concept Artistic team (B-CON), a group determined to help motivate and educate others in the community.

Okesene: Hey Scott. First off, congratulations on the upcoming 2nd Annual A.M.F. Hair Show. What were the reasons you started the A.M.F. Show?

Scott: Thank you Okie. Tampa has a lot of talented hairdressers, and I started A.M.F. as a way for the hairdressing community to come together as one for a day of education and networking. There are plenty of corporate shows, but never any independent shows here in the Bay area. This show is how we as hairdressers can move forward together. Plus, I don't sleep much and my team and I are always looking for ways to be creative.

O: A.M.F. stands for "Always Moving Forward," a slogan that seems to be prominently displayed on your website and Myspace page. What exactly does "Always Moving Forward" mean to you?

S: Always Moving Forward means to revisit where you came from, re-evaluate where you are, and set goals for the future.

O: What sets the A.M.F. Hair Show apart from other hair shows?

S: First off, A.M.F. is an independent show. Yes, I pay for it all. Any takers? (laughter) It gives a chance for other hairdressers to showcase their talent and help educate others, and gives the B-Concept Artistic team a platform. The show includes 5 cosmetology schools with 10 students and there is always a segment with local hairdressers. This sends the message that at the end of the day that is who we are… hairdressers. It's not just about what the B-CON team is doing, it's about what we as hairdressers are doing!

O: Your salon seems to lend a helping hand with various local events, such as last November's Square One L'AMOUR MAC AIDS Fundraiser. How important is it to give back to the community and why?

S: It is very important! Showing support allows many doors to open for networking and marketing. B-CON is coming up with a show for the summer that I can't yet discuss, but it has to do with saving lives. Plus, it just always feels good to give back.

O: Which local artists, musicians and creative minds do you respect and feel are making a difference in the local community?

S: Well that's a loaded question and I hope to not offend anyone. Let's start with my good friend Jeremy Gloff, a talented musician on many levels with 14 plus albums under his belt and killer energy. He is always out to help other artists. Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Holes & Heart. They are a very positive group of young guys with an amazing message. I shoot all of my own photos, so photographer Ryan Prado is someone I look to. There are just so many, but my wife Erin is the one I look to for any and all though.

O: Five years from now, what do you envision the A.M.F. Hair Show will be?

S: Given recent attention that the show has received, we have been contracted to do a Redken show in Orlando as a team. So I see A.M.F. as a traveling show. I also see it as a gateway to the next 20 years of helping to educate in this industry, hopefully with a big budget and big effects.

O: Describe the A.M.F. Show in one word.


O: Describe Scott Bentley in one word.

S: Ask my wife!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009
Doors open at 3pm (event open to hairdressers and students only)
Abstract Afterparty at 7pm (open to general public)
The RITZ Ybor 1503 E 7th Ave Tampa, FL

To purchase tickets to the AMF HAIR SHOW 2009, please visit: www.bentleysalontampa.com

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FESTA ITALIANA 2009 - 12th Annual Italian Festival

L'Unione Italiana (The Italian Club of Tampa) a non-profit organization, is a precious gem built in 1894 and has been deemed a National Historic Landmark. In order for the building to continue to operate, it requires a great deal of maintanance & funding.

You can help support L'Unione
Italiana and the 12th Annual Festa Italiana below:

Thursday March 26th
WINES OF ITALY, A Unique Tasting Experience
6pm to 9pm
Italian Club of Tampa, Ybor City
1731 E 7th Avenue
- The evening will feature over 65 wines from different regions of Italy, Italian antipasti and desserts courtesy of Caraba's Italian Grille, a live performance by the Stolen Idols (Jazz & Exotica Quartet) and much more

Friday March 27th

Italian Club of Tampa, Ybor City
1731 E 7th Avenue

Saturday March 28th
10am to 6pm - FREE ACTIVITIES
Corner of 7th Avenue & 17th Street
- Bocce Ball Invitational, Italian Idol Contest, Homemade Vino Competition, Cinema Italiano

Sunday March 29th
11:30am to 6pm

Centennial Park, Ybor City
- Over 30 Bay Area restaurants & caterers, entertainment and more

Please e-mail okesene@squareoneflorida.com if you wish to purchase a Raffle Ticket: For a $5.00 recommended donation per ticket, Festa Italiana is raffling:
  • a 2009 KIA - RIO CAR
  • a VESPA LX50
The drawing will take place Sunday, March 29 at Festa Italiana & you need not be present to win. Checks are made payable to "Italian Club Building Cultural Trust Fund."

CHECK OUT: www.FestaItalianaTampa.com