Ybor Artwalk: July 2008

Saturday July 5th, 2008

Historically one of Tampa's longest established arts communities, Ybor City has been home to artist studios, galleries, theater groups, and filmmakers for years. Please visit Ybor City EVERY FIRST SATURDAY from noon to 6pm to celebrate and support Tampa's diverse arts community!

Parking is FREE on the streets of Ybor City until 9 pm on Saturdays. For a small hourly fee, there is additional parking conveniently located in the parking garages. Maps will be available at any of the participating locations listed below.

The Ybor City ARTWALK is COMPLETELY FREE and open to the general public of all ages.

Arnold Martinez Art Gallery 1909 N.19th St.
Brad Cooper Gallery 1712 E. 7th Ave.
Casa "Lala" 1901 E. 5th Ave.
Hoffman-Porges Gallery 1907 E. 7th Ave.
Romeo Gallery 1515 E. 7th Ave.
Spasm Gallery 1600 E. 7th Ave

Hance Clay 1521 1/2 E. 7th Ave.
Noah Deledda 1521 1/2 E. 7th Ave.
Latch Art Studio 1521 1/2 E. 7th Ave.
David Rothman 1521 1/2 E. 7th Ave.
The Photo Lounge 1409 E. 7th Ave.
Theo Wujcik 1517 E. 9th Ave.

Ybor Art Studio 1800 E. 8th Ave.
Ybor Art and Talent Studio 2702 E. 7th Ave.

Cigar Theater 1704 N. 17th St.
The RITZ Ybor 1503 E. 7th Ave.
Silver Meteor Gallery 2213 E. 6th Ave.

Frank V. Giunta Museum at The Italian Club 1731 E. 7th Ave.
Ybor City Museum State Park 1818 E. 9th Ave.

Participating artists at the July 2008 Ybor City ARTWALK at The RITZ Ybor: Arleen De Mull, Caritas Clothing, Gina Rathbun, J.Alfonso by Jose Renteria, Jedd Lancaster, Kat Wilson, Meredith, Michael DeSerio, Pierce Photography by Jason Moriarty, Rory O'Neil, Ryan Prado, Yes Ramirez, Yvonne Watters and more

Participating artists at the June 2008 Ybor City ARTWALK at The RITZ Ybor: J.Alfonso by Jose Renteria, Jedd Lancaster, Melissa Oraath, Meredith, Michelle Sawyer, Rory O'Neil, Ryan Prado and Sarah Ruth Moore

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