a square one art, fashion & music showcase
presented by Gary Randall & Okesene Tilo

GO! Promotional 5X7 Postcard - Back

Tampa, FL (May 1st, 2008) – GO! A Square One Art, Fashion & Music Showcase will take place on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 at The RITZ Ybor located at 1503 N 7th Ave in the Ybor City district.

GO! is the second event organized by the Square One Productions team headed by Gary Randall and Okesene Tilo. The event will showcase the Adrian Rand "Extracelestial" Fashion Show choreographed by the Bella Danza Dance Company, the Tragik Designs fashion show, performances by local musicians, and the works of over 80 local Bay Area artists. All artwork and designs will be available for purchase by the public with a percentage of all sales going towards the local charity Central Park Village Youth Services, Inc.

"After the amazing turnout for our first event, the Square One Art Exhibit, there was an overwhelming demand to produce another art and fashion event in Ybor City," says Gary Randall, executive director for Square Productions and fashion designer for Adrian Rand Couture. "There were numerous people in attendance who rarely have the opportunity to witness how amazing Ybor City truly is."

With crime rate down five consecutive years and new businesses thriving, the historic Ybor City appears to be experiencing a rebirth.

The RITZ Ybor Renovations

Okesene Tilo, public relations director for Square One Productions adds, "Most Tampa residents aren't too familiar with the history behind the buildings in Ybor City, especially The RITZ Ybor. With their recent restoration & renovation projects, it was only natural for Square One to align with The RITZ in helping to establish Ybor City as the art, fashion and culture capital of Tampa."

Gary and Okesene both point out GO! being free to attend and open to all ages as a way to welcome all crowds.

"There is no long line or wait to attend our show. There is no nightclub atmosphere to disillusion anyone from attending," adds Gary. "This is an event in Ybor City strictly about creative expression where everyone is welcomed to attend."

"The reason we named this event GO! is not solely because it happens to be the first initial of mine and Gary's first names," adds Okesene. "The name GO! represents the movement that Square One Productions is taking in defining the local arts scene as an identifiable force. Additionally, the name GO! represents the entire movement to establish Ybor City as a place of free expression and creativity."

GO! A Square One Art, Fashion & Music Showcase is open to the general public, all ages, and is free to attend. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the event will last until midnight. There will be a voting contest with cash prizes for the highest-ranked artists held at the event, as well as prize drawings for the general public. Cash bars will be available for patrons over the age of 21. GO! is being sponsored by The RITZ Ybor, the Italian Club of Tampa, Central Park Village Youth Services, Inc., Streetcar Charlie's Bar & Grille, Gourmet Next Door Catering, PRP Wine International, Stonewood Tavern & Grille, Carmine's on Seventh, the Hilton Garden Inn, City Blue Print Co., Dentistry by Attar P.A., TAMPAPROMASSAGE, and the Radiant Group LLC.

Adrian Rand Couture by Gary Randall

Gary Randall was recently featured in the Urban Flair Art Fashion Music event in Ybor City and the Catharsis art exhibit in St. Petersburg Beach. He co-organized and produced last February's Square One Art Exhibit at The RITZ Ybor, where he unveiled his Adrian Rand Couture fashion line. Gary's near future plans include officially incorporating and overseeing Square One Productions in New York where he will relocate this summer.

Okesene Tilo co-organized and produced last February's Square One Art Exhibit with Gary Randall. He was the public relations force behind fashion designer Ben Chmura's Red Hood and Ozmapolitan fashion shows in Ybor City. Okesene's near future plans include planning Gourmet Next Door Catering's official launch party in September, collaborating with designer Ben Chmura on his summer fashion show and producing photographer Ryan Prado's first solo exhibit in December. Okesene plans to officially incorporate and oversee Square One Productions in Florida when Gary departs in June. He will organize the third Square One art and fashion show scheduled for November.

GO! Promotional 5X7 Postcard - Front

GO! Postcard Design: Rory O'Neil
Art Direction: Okesene Tilo & Rory O'Neil
Photography: Ryan Prado
Make-up: Mark "Hero" de los Reyes
Model: Jessica Hurst
GO! Logo Design: Jedd Lancaster

GO! Artists: 13headsmissing, Alison Ware, Amel Samuels, Andres, Angela's Organicas Fine Art in all Mediums, Ashley Bates, Ashley Skoviera, Brian Egger, Brinson Renda, Brooks, C. Ward Art, Carissa Rochelle, Caritas Clothing, Carol Northington, Carolina Cleere, Christina Lawson, Colleen Gorlewski, Conner Design, Dana Blickensderfer, Dana Robinson, David Lucas Bell, Deirdre Scott, Elizabeth Cadena, E-Sim, Gary Randall, Gina Rathbun, Grace Henderson, J. Alfonso, James Douglas, Jason Fondren, Jason Moriarty of Pierce Photography, Jedd Lancaster, Jeff .five6teen., Jennifer M. Brownlee, Julia Ozimek, Justin Redden, Justin Joseph Sancho, Kat Lynes, Kat Wilson, Katy Alderman, Keith Allan Krusch, KLAAREN, Koko Brandao, Linda Alexander, Lisa Scholder, Lizeth Cheriz, Malisha Dewalt, Mandie SoRan, Margaret Juul, Mary Martinez, Matt Moore of JOHNNY CA$HED OUT, Melissa Fair, Melissa Oraath, Melody Mitchell, Meredith, Adorable Creature, Michael DeSerio, Michelle Sawyer, Michelley QueenofQueens, Nancy Moreland Brown, Nicholae Tucker, PA Galleria, P$YNNER, Rebecca Prokop, Richard J. Bond, Richard L. Frederick, Ricklene Wren, Robert Wegmann, Rolando Corsa, Ronald E. Fields, Rory O'Neil, Ryan Prado, SaGa, Sarah Ruth Moore, Sean Closson, Teri Lyon, Terry Pipitone, Timothy Brown, TreZa BeTTencourT, UZZI, Vickie Fisher, Warren Gibson, Yes Ramirez and Yvonne Watters

GO! Fashion Designers: Adrian Rand Couture by Gary Randall, TragikNY by Adam & Amel Samuels and Melissa Oraath

Julia Ozimek's par.a.dox Music Showcase Performers: Bradly Akeman, Channing Deren, Lush Progress, Pemberley and PK the Gift

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